Episode 70 – Mr. Sardonicus & Rebecca

Hello to Justin’s Mommy!, best offense is a good defense, Russ tried to tempt Justin with the most vile food imaginable, Russ is confident, yard work sucks, Oreos and nacho cheese, Justin’s mom tells of the most scary movie she can remember from her childhood, an old twist on definitions at the beginning of films, it does not look like David Hasselhoff, is the Hoff good looking?, weird landmarks for good looking men of the 80s, there is more than one race, pop culture geography, the Stand By Me story, it’s 1851, Mom listens to the movie, geography again, creepy mask is creepy, human PEZ dispensers are weird, Russ doesn’t know history either, special treasure, the auditory hallucination incident, bury up, the theme reveals itself, name that muscle, where’s the mercy ending?, the first head canon moment, ridiculously eating chicken, memories of Happy’s Place, unbury vs bury up, Target time machine again, mystery finally solved?, chairs in bed, broken bed frames, how to do test in visual media, being butled is awkward, awkward road trip, another head canon moment, Russ screws over Justin with another game

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