Episode 99 – House 3 & 4

Episode 99 – House 3 & 4
ReMake Me

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Happy Thanksgiving!, Justin is going to have three Thanksgivings, Russ’s casual family holidays, House 3 is and isn’t House 3, Russ wants to make the obscure horror characters version of Mystery Men, why does an electrical being use the furnace so much?, elevator thoughts, House 3 is a really mean movie, clepto-fraud as a character trait, the cat in a weird place jump scare, Russ explains the non-trash hole, if you can avoid getting your arms cut off please do, the only good Ernest stories from the director’s book, Justin forgets how to be told a story, Justin calls the chest stigmata, a bad execution, how do women put on eye makeup and still have eyeballs?, Russ is an adult, the second worst kiss ever on film, who wears their watch to bed?, putting on your glasses to answer the phone, Jenke turkey, Justin forgets when Seinfeld started, nobody cares about the table being destroyed, spike the baby, the Maglite poster, the longest snakebite story ever, a tire hit Mary in the face, apparently there is a House 5 & 6, hypothetical Russ searching for House 3, Russ confesses to cheating to win radio contests, House 4 is a sequel to House 1 in that it’s not at all about anything that happens in that movie, burnt to pain, the weirdest Mr. Bean pull ever, read the Parent’s Guide for House 4, Vinny died of AIDS, what is up with the lady at the 24 minute mark?, the commentary is no help, sorry folks — more audio problems, the actual worst film kiss of all time, watch Little Lazarus:¬†https://youtu.be/EJ9eu0Erj8U

Next week: Get Out & Little Lazarus

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