Episode 118 – It’s Alive 3 & Maniac Cop 3

Episode 118 – It’s Alive 3 & Maniac Cop 3
ReMake Me

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Rest in Peace Larry Cohen, this is our tribute to the weird writer/director, Russ starts the podcast off by getting a little dirty, Justin doesn’t know directions, a classy way to begin the podcast, Justin’s social calendar has been very full this week, the easy shorthand that Russ makes sure is not easy at all, Facebook wanted Russ to know that Justin was going to see Kyle Kinane, Justin tells stories from the show, Russ stumps Justin with a comedy question, It’s Alive 3 is the Jurassic Park: The Lost World of killer mutant baby movies, how Larry Cohen directs, the court room drama that starts off this movie, apparently that scene was about AIDS – thanks Larry, then a boat happens and then they’re in Cuba for like 12 seconds and then they’re in Florida and then the movie is over, Justin never heard the word measles, Russ wants to have an intervention for Saxophone Ryan, The Corpse and the Coma in the style of Bakersfield, Russ the audio guy!, Maniac Cop is a zombie, what was the priest’s plan?, Die Hard reunion in MC3, Ted Raimi!, nothing matters about this movie until the end, he’s on fire WHILE driving a car, the documentary about Maniac Cop 3 is the best thing about Maniac Cop 3, 51 minutes?, how Larry Cohen writes, a gospel song about Maniac Cop 3 called Come with Me

Next week: Deep Red & Opera

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