Episode 22 – Rawhead Rex & Pumpkinhead

Episode 22 – Rawhead Rex & Pumpkinhead
ReMake Me

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A new guest has entered the podcast, he’s only slightly political, it turns out that Justin is fat, but not Jazzy scooter fat, Russ is too lazy to breathe, Clive Barker writes better than Stephen King, Rawhead is a penis monster, Russ finds solidarity in Rawhead’s hatred of periods, Russ has a giddiness about Rawhead Rex that no one else could possibly have, Russ doesn’t understand Game of Thrones, rubber neck seams, robot jokes, tipped over flour, Ben enjoys killing children, Polaroid cameras are for smashing, yeah, he’s peeing on him, Justin doesn’t understand parenting, but he does great foley work, sidekick of the leader of the nerds, Justin isn’t funny, high on Sharpie fumes, we were all in high school once, Ben didn’t get to watch the good one, talking about the podcast on the podcast again, Angelina Jolie: gross, Justin pretends to agree, we don’t edit the podcast, Jesus ain’t got nothin’ on Pumpkinhead, fishmouth, getting stabbed with a gun, spot-on Nell impression

Next week: The Witch & Witching and Bitching

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