Episode 28 – Incident at Loch Ness & Digging Up the Marrow

Russ has a money-making idea, the friends you tell and the friends you never tell, how Russ will make money if the podcast fails, Bobcat Goldthwait is an awesome guy, St. Louis style pizza is an affront to God and nature, what to do if you wind up in Branson or the sad reality of Gallagher, swubbing up one’s vowels, Jeff Goldblum should never be the voice of reason, geography is not Russ’s strong suit, Werner Herzog is too legit to quit, Levar Burton is a genuinely good dude, Justin feels robbed by the lack of Loch Ness monster on land that he was promised by the DVD cover, making that Twins money, Russ made a list of things he likes that isn’t horror…it’s a short list, people are dumb, Russ has become a reader, piracy kills small films, Russ was almost in the movie, why Ray Wise?

Next week: Videodrome & eXistenZ

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Most Important Post Ever

So, if a post says TEST.  It really isn’t a test.  Its a super important post that holds the fabric of the podcast together.  Don’t delete it.  I know that because I deleted a post that said TEST and Justin yelled at me. –Russ