Episode 37 – The Loved Ones & Devil’s Candy

Episode 37 – The Loved Ones & Devil’s Candy
ReMake Me

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Justin needs a shave and a haircut, Russ doesn’t know how to pick a book, the real reason movies are always better in the theater, being nostalgia horny, Russ abuses more pop cans, adventures in the Yoga Hole, creepy dad provides gross tension, Justin and Russ try to have an academic discussion about incest and probably fail, self-abuse as a superpower, the tale of the unnecessary B-plot, slow dancing with steak knives, Jason Statham is a good action star and Russ has a lisp, Russ’s prom story, Russ is trying to indoctrinate his kids, taken down by a sneeze, Devil’s Candy would have been better with no Devil in it

Next week: Friday the 13th IV & Pieces

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