Episode 38 – Friday the 13th IV & Pieces

Episode 38 – Friday the 13th IV & Pieces
ReMake Me

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Russ confuses Justin and potentially offends an entire region of America, Russ loses an old tooth and Justin gains a new face, Justin goes into his mind palace, Crispin Glover is a weirdo but you probably knew that already, EMTs are basically mini-doctors, #polkadotsforpainters, pause this and go watch Corey Feldman’s tooth fall out in the middle of a concert, now that you’re back Jason kills people, Feldman and Glover in the same movie is insane and great, banana girl is coming to your local con, velcro wallets and guys at the urinal with their pants down, Howie Mandel, reading books and talking about them, random slam on a friend of the podcast, bad tennis, random Kung-Fu man, go watch Pieces

Next week: Cabin Fever (2002 & 2016)

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