Episode 39 – Cabin Fever (2002 & 2016)

Justin moved into his new house and now has too many cats, Russ killed a cat, adventures driving to Disney World, butt wipes save the day, Irma shortens the family trip, Justin forgets how to podcast, all culture is weird out of context, the economics of Medieval Times, these movies are bad, we don’t need to say more than that, Eli Roth is bad at writing, weird sex scenes and out of place dates, accidental metaphors, bad deer and secret bags, go to Disney World during a hurricane if you don’t want to wait in lines, how to tip, Sean Astin is a good dude, Justin announces his book pick for the future, how not to mercy kill

Next week: Cujo & Man’s Best Friend

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Most Important Post Ever

So, if a post says TEST.  It really isn’t a test.  Its a super important post that holds the fabric of the podcast together.  Don’t delete it.  I know that because I deleted a post that said TEST and Justin yelled at me. –Russ