Episode 64 – Night of the Demons (1988 & 2009)

Russ’s kids make him drink, nugget math, horror news, Justin’s house now contains seven cats and a dog, Russ confuses Chinese and Japanese again, daddy does drugs, the gauntlet is thrown down!, ruining Russ’s passion, mooning with your underwear on, what America is all about, maybe us dorks have had parties before, not tapping the keg, one great shot in an otherwise awful movie, Russ gives his take on the Power Rangers movie, weird nightmares, the secret chicken nuggets, are demons asexual?, Russ’s weird plumbing knowledge comes up again, overmorrow, the sad life of lipstick girl, Halloween stories, the unlit cigarette guy, itsaboys, real life pedophile, Halloween Party, “Oh yeah, I recognize that old …”, remember basketball? basketball is pretty great, right?, John Conner is really short, skeleton Charlie bit me, suspension of disbelief and skeletons, bad looking demons, nuanced BJ scene, Justin can’t do accents but Russ definitely can’t pick them out, Russ thinks he’s surrounded by lesbians, sexually transmitted demon, Russ pitches a new lipstick scene, Maid Made, Pump Punk, the stupid magic room is stupid, lazy demons, what happened to John Conner?, fake noose is fake smart

Next week: Willard (1971 & 2003)

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