Episode 69 – Very Bad Things & Cheap Thrills

Episode 69 – Very Bad Things & Cheap Thrills
ReMake Me

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Russ tries to relive the moment that we weren’t recording for, it’s 4/20, yo!, the great stove adventure, Justin isn’t really what one would call handy, #legalizeit, Ben’s here now, the podcast starts going North, Russ and Ben wax whimsically about Very Bad Things, a child’s 4XLT, Justin checks out, Radical Russ and the Morning Zoo Crew, Russ had the Daniel Stern van, why do you have 2 vans?, Just hated Jeremy Piven in everything except The Ellen Show, a huge waste of a time machine, this one is for you, Justin forgot what jokes are, combo situation, Sparta is in Greece but is different from Troy, Lois bites it real hard, “on the boy”, the gamification of Walmart selfies, Justin watches old woman shows, Ben the mime, levitating off of the couch, figuring out the twist to immediately be wrong, meat is meat, reversal of fortune, latest of late title cards

Next week: Mr. Sardonicus & Rebecca

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