Episode 79 – Arachnophobia & Big Ass Spider

Episode 79 – Arachnophobia & Big Ass Spider
ReMake Me

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Happy Birthday America!, Justin almost drowns, Heavyweights is an important film in Hollywood history, Russ is confused as to what camp is, camp shenanigans, go look at Lebron James’s foot right now, sorry ladies, counting cats, so many litter boxes, Russ tries to shame a guy for buying cat litter, your childhood forgets how boring the first 20 minutes of Arachnophobia is, precious movies, how Jim Carrey was Jeff Daniels’s advocate and very much wasn’t Nic Cage’s, Russ has a new book idea, every mortician is always eating a sandwich, Jeff Daniels is a Delight and John Goodman is a National Treasure, Russ thinks way too much about animals at the zoo, the pay discrepancy of men and women in porn, the podcast gets kinda gross here … I’m not gonna lie, #relationshipgoals, Russ doesn’t like lobster but he probably does, we are totally going to do the MCU movies at some point, Justin totally knows what fun is despite what Russ may tell you, Tripping the Rift, Die Hard … others, $12 and 450,000 favors, Russ’s headcanon, Russ and Justin just recite their favorite lines and scenes from Big Ass Spider!, everybody needs a Jose in their life, can I have my bribe back?, Justin always confuses Insidious and Sinister, Wizard Universe is no longer a site, the Chris Hardwick thing

Next week: Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer & Nightcrawler

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