Ghost Virus by Graham Masterton

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Ghost Virus is perhaps one of the most absurd concepts for a horror book in recent memory. Absurdity alone is not enough to dissuade recommendation of a book, but the absurdity needs to be acknowledged by the audience as well as the material. Ghost Virus does not do so. It takes the general concept of haunted clothing – yes clothing – and treats it sincerely.

The book follows the investigation of bizarre deaths that are very quickly tied to coats – yes coats. Any further details would be spoilers as the most basic reader can imagine what a title like Ghost Virus and the concept of killer garments can fill in all the gaps necessary. (No spoilers here, the title is obviously no spoiler and the description of the book by the publisher states its related to garments.)

Masterton’s legacy will outshine this ghostly coat novel, and for that I’m thankful.

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